The Release

I haven't posted in a while so here's a new drawing for you that was done from life, the model was Lindsey.
11x8 inches conte crayon on Handmade paper
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Cassidy lying

Due to the pandemic many artists have found themselves without work, teaching, technical support, gallery work, exhibitions and sales have disappeared, therefore I've decided to offer my work to a larger demographic and to stimulate sales I've lowered the starting bids on my auctions to 1 cent!

6x8 inches charcoal and white chalk on Canson paper

Tiffany sleeping

Back study from a live model, done with charcoal powder, brush and alcohol - not a painting.

11x7 inches charcoal on Strathmore paper
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Portrait of a young man (mixed media)

Ingredients used for this drawing:

Burnt wood (chalk or commonly called charcoal)
paper (again wood)
charcoal powder

5x7 inches charcoal on Strathmore paper


A female spirit that lives in the blue forest, this was all done with soft pastel bricks, great for focusing on general shapes, Not details.

6x8 pastel on toned Canson paper
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Red doorway

I bought this deep red - burgundy Canson paper with the idea of doing figure drawings without any planned or pre conceived concepts in mind, but then I started combining certain compositions where I was able to utilize this particular color with the nude that almost emerges from the paper.
These are small studies so I have to be particularly careful with details such as the head or even facial features and trying to do that with large pastel bricks that are not sharp or allow much detail in the first place is not an easy task.

6x8 soft pastel on toned Canson paper

Mia posing

I though this was a cool composition that just focuses on the torso that's in a posed kinda pose and the background handled in an abstract manner, makes it more dynamic and suggests figure movement.

6x9 soft pastel on toned Canson paper

Katie in blue

I used the blue paper as a backdrop for the warm sunlight that's falling on the female figure and concentrated on the reflected light nuances, it yings and yangs the color harmony from cool to warm color spectrum, the softness of the pastels needs a strong drawing structure as a counterbalance, oh and also this one starts at $0.01 on auction, link bellow.

6x8 pastel on toned Canson paper