"Lisa" Young girl back lit portrait charcoal drawing

This was a close value study, the light source behind the head evens out the tones so the facial features are not as distinct as they would be with a direct light hitting the face, makes drawing more challenging since its harder to tell where each shape begins or ends.

approx. 7 x 9 inches charcoal on Canford paper


♥AMBre said...

Wow !

Katherine Thomas said...

It's wonderful! And for the very reason that you mentioned... the way you've hidden some important features in shadow... that takes a lot of conviction and courage to do that, Daniel! But the impact of those shadows is mesmerizing. Well done!

Nia Araujo said...

Such a beautiful drawing! I love this blog, I really want to bring myself to draw once a day as well. Being a visual art student, I need to completely drown myself in art, yet I've found myself so afraid to step off the edge.

This blog serves as a huge inspiration to me, thank you.

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you find some useful tips and info on my blog...as well as art:)