"Portrait of a man" 6x8 Male Charcoal drawing and Video demo

6 x 8 inches charcoal with white chalk on Canson paper
I recorded a video today of the process that to took to make this drawing, it's one of the ways I approach drawing a head and it should give you more insight of my methods, I think it went around 1hr and 15 minutes to make this sketch but I had to drastically reduce or better put 'speed up' the video so it actually fits the standards of online viewing.


Carole said...

Very generous of you to share your drawing, which seems so sensitive, so direct and so beautifully realized, like all your work, the edges and contrast are like a prayer on the gossamer nature of all life.
Wishing you continued success in all things,

Daniel Peci said...

Thank you Carole for your insightful comment, I really appreciate it!