"Spanish dancer" Female Nude - Figurative Art Pastel drawing/painting

6" x 8" Pastel on paper
Auction starts at 7:30pm Pacific time.

To fixate a pastel drawing or not, that is the question.I often just lightly spray the surface for protection but I'm now reconsidering that, there are many different kinds of fixatives on the market and even if you buy the 'best' one they always darken the values and many subtle color changes are lost, so maybe the best thing to do is to leave it alone after its finished and just mat it and frame it under glass.
Since this drawing had a latin vibe I was listening to some Cuban music just so I can be more in tune with what I'm drawing, usually I cut off any kind of outside influence while I'm working but sometimes it can be very helpful especially when it serves the purpose, just like in this case.


Shaimaa said...

I Love it

ivanka k said...

Really like your work, the parts where the body is just suggested always gets me ;). I personally do not like fixatives either - never found the right one, which would work anyway. Keep at your work!

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks Shaimaa and Ivanka!
Yes, I think I'm gonna 'stick' to not fixating the pastels anymore, it just ruins them.

Anonymous said...

I find that if I use a sheet of tracing paper over it, it preserves and has less tendency to be abrasive.

MonoPÓlio said...

hi!! i loved your works!!! very good!!!
Thiago Hellinger

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks for stopping by Thiago!

Alina Chau said...