"Chepren, the living Horus" Original Egyptian sculpture Art charcoal drawing

7" x 8.5" charcoal on paper
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I've always been fascinated with Egyptian Art and its mythology, this drawing was based on the supreme statue of Chepren, one of the great masterpieces of art, it represents the image of the ideal man and of God incarnate in man.
Behind his head there is a falcon that embraces the head of the king, this falcon is the God Horus, as you can see I've only included a part of his head in the drawing, maybe I'll do another with the full rendering of the original sculpture.


RUDHI - Chance said...

Very very amazing to me! I like this statue also, and you catched the character very well in this drawing I mean...

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks Rudhi, I just did a partial rendering of the statue without the falcon.

MARY said...

Wuauu your are an amazing artist, It makes feel very honored that you like my blog too.

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks for the kind comment Mary.

Cathy said...

You have some great work on your blog. I like this one particularly. Very imposing character. I have tried charcoal and find it quite difficult to control, but you obviously don't have that difficulty.

Kim said...

hi Daniel
this blog is now listed at TAD A - C section
your other blog A Painting a Day is already listed in the same section
Please consider sending me an image and bio for you Drawing a Day blog when you have time ..
a link back would be appreciated too
thank you
cheers Kim