"Instant bliss" 4x6' Asian female portrait painting on canvas

Here's an oil painting that's available on auction for seven days and it comes already framed, free shipping in the US!

 This is an image of the painting with the actual frame:

4 x 6 inches oil on canvas

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"Doorway" female nude figure sketch on paper

8 x 6 inches charcoal on Canson paper
Quick figure sketch, the large masses were done with a larger charcoal brick, lines with vine charcoal for the smaller shapes and some details.
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"Amber" standing female nude pastel painting a day

Tonal nude study in pastel, intimist/introspective pose, there's a meditative quietness in this one.
8 x 6 inches pastel and panpastel on Canson paper
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"Lauren" reclining female nude figure drawing

The New Year is slowly approaching, so this might be my last drawing this year, I'd like to thank everyone for the support so far, hopefully you"ll enjoy my new 'body of work' even more in the upcoming one:)

Happy New 2015!!!

8 x 11 inches charcoal on Canson paper
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"Kelly" standing female nude conte sketch

This was drawn on a off-white yellowish kinda paper, goes well with the brown tone conte crayon and it gives that aged look to the drawings.The pose is a standing one with the body reaching upwards and the head looking up, gives a general direction within the overall design.
6x8 conte crayon on paper
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"Maya" female portrait original charcoal drawing

Starting with the values I begin developing the shapes, all shapes are abstract, we label them because we are familiar with certain shapes and patterns.Besides just rendering a precise set of shapes and facial planes I'm interested in using abstractions in the background of the drawing as an addition to the overall mood or feeling of the artwork.

8 x 6 inches charcoal on Canson paper
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