"Maya" female portrait original charcoal drawing

 Starting with the values I begin developing the shapes, all shapes are abstract, we label them because we are familiar with certain shapes and patterns.Besides just rendering a precise set of shapes and facial planes I'm interested in using abstractions in the background of the drawing as an addition to the overall mood or feeling of the artwork.

8 x 6 inches charcoal on Canson paper
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"Sentient Hills" Landscape 14x20 Watercolor painting on paper

This is a an older watercolor that hasn't been available for sale till now, quite different from my recent work, painted from imagination, its probably 10+ years old!

14 x 20 inches watercolor on paper
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Seated female nude model 8x11 original drawing

It's been couple of months since my last posting, I've been back home with my family and really enjoying my time here, besides doing some commissions haven't done much art so it was about time to go back to the drawing board and do some work, hope you enjoy my latest endeavor.
8 x 11 inches charcoal on Canson paper