"Model asleep" seated female nude girl pastel drawing painting

Note: *For some reason Google decided to 'adjust' or as they call it 'auto enhance' all the images you post on any one of their Google platforms, including, Google+ and Blogger without telling anyone, so it took me couple of hours to figure out what the hell is going on with my images since the contrast was so high and the picture looked off in tone and color for some reason, so I finally located the problem under Google+/Photos section where I removed this option instantly, so here's the same post again with the original image as its suppose to look like*
    Less soft pastels on this one, certain subjects and light conditions require more precision so each pastel stroke here was more thought out before it is placed, also I usually step away from the drawing once I make any kind of mark or stroke so I can see how it affects the whole image not just parts of it, everything is interdependent, shapes, shadows, light, colors, its just a matter of how it's all 'puzzled' up together.
6 x 8 inches pastel and Panpastel on grey Canson paper
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