"Dreaming male nude" 6x9 Original pastel drawing painting (Relisted)

6.5 x 9" pastel on paper
I had to relist this one since the payment was mailed and lost in the mail supposedly, so here it is again, if you want it you have another chance to own this drawing, it will be on a longer 10 day auction!
(starts at 6:45pm pacific)


Minke said...

awesome use of colors

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks Minke!

Little Mike said...

I agree with Minke about the use of colours. In fact the blue really brings to mind a dreamlike state, which is obviously what you were aiming for judging by the drawing's name.

Lots of very cool work on your blog, I'm glad I found it!

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks Mike, yea I usually figure out the title after the piece is done, so this is what came to mind at the time, I guess the blue color does suggest a dreamlike state, I see I'm not alone at this.