"The Small collector" Charcoal drawing Little girl with stones

6.5" x 8.5" charcoal on paper
It was amazing to me how much concentration this little girl had while collecting her 'precious stones', she would pick and select each stone with a keen eye and put it in the bag, its her own small treasure and she will take good care of it, there's nothing more profound then watching a child immersed in the serious task that she's set to achieve:)


sreenivasa ram makineedi said...

verey niuce painting.

Lauren Maurer said...

I love it- little people are so much fun to capture! I really enjoy all your charcoal figures.

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks Sreenivasa!

Hope I pronounced it right:)

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks Lauren,

Yes 'little' people are a delight to draw and paint and there's so much purity they radiate.

MyArtInProgress said...

I love the use of light on this figure, it really makes her come alive