"Daydreaming" Female portrait figurative Art charcoal drawing on paper

6.5" x 8.5" charcoal on paper
In this drawing I applied a different method, most of the drawing was laid down with a brush, yes a brush with some grinded charcoal powder which I made myself by sanding some charcoal sticks, while working on it the charcoal can be very hard to control especially since its done all at once, no layering in between with a fixative.


RUDHI - Chance said...

Precious drawing!

Daniel Peci said...

Thanks Rudhi, glad you like it(:

Dean Grey said...



You did a charcoal drawing with a brush? I never would've thought of doing that!



Daniel Peci said...

Yea, well I guess the teacher didn't tell me that I can't do that:)

ángel said...


Daniel Peci said...

Thanks Angel :)

Anonymous said...

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Daily Paintings said...


Anonymous said...

did you ever visit a holiday camp near cleethorpes called beecholme im talking 33 years ago. My portrait was signed danny 77 im trying to find who he is as he does not sign a sirname. the portrait is an exact likness of me when i was 10.

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